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Spoon Stakes Set 4 Piece

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Set of four spoon stakes for doming and planishing.
Part Number: 25-060
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4 piece spoon stakes set. The stakes are hardened tool steel with polished surfaces. They are shaped for forming and planishing four different sizes of spoons as well as fabricating a wide variety of doming forms for jewelry and metalsmithing projects. For use in a bench vise. 


  • Small Diameter 0.88 in (22mm) -  Bigger Diameter 1.2 in (30mm)
  • Small Diameter 1.0 in (26mm) -  Bigger Diameter 1.5 in (39mm)
  • Small Diameter 1.3 in (32mm) -  Bigger Diameter 1.9 in (48mm)
  • Small Diameter 1.6 in (40mm) -  Bigger Diameter 2.5 in (65mm)

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