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Practical Casting By Tim McCreight

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Practical Casting hardback, 153 pages By Tim McCreight
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Practical Casting explains many aspects of small scale casting with clarity and comprehension. Readers will appreciate the hundreds of helpful drawings, and advanced craftspeople will find shortcuts that make their work more efficient.

Included is instruction in the traditional lost wax method from model making through investing and burnout to the casting itself. Later chapters teach sand casting, direct methods like cuttlefish and bronze casting. Practical Casting is a very popular volume which features detailed illustrations, a complete listing of sources and a compact, no-nonsense style that will let you spend your time working rather than looking for information. This informative and practical book covers a wide range of small scale casting techniques, from cuttlefish to contemporary lost wax casting. It has become the established textbook on the subject in universities and craft programs around the world. Now in a new, lay-flat, hardcover binding 153 pages.

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