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FASTfire BRONZclay™ - Bronze Metal Clay 30g

FASTfire BRONZclay™ - Bronze Metal Clay 30g

FASTfire BRONZclay™ provides you with the same incredible artistic range as the orignal BRONZclay except it is  faster to fire, cutting your firing time to 2 hours or less depending on size and thickness of your piece, the size of firing pan and type of kiln. 
It is economical - very affordable and because it is bronze,  your can use it to sculpture large pieces.  It sculptures, can be pinched, rolled, and manipulated in many ways.  After firing, you are left with a solid bronze object once the binder is vaporized. It is flexible after dried allowing you to create beautiful jewelry, components and even custom crafted tools and objects just as with PMC metal clay and with FASTfire BRONZclay bring your creations to life faster.  
Composition:  Metal powder (90% copper 10% tin) water & non-toxic binding materials.
Shrinkage:  5-10%
Firing Temperature:  Ramp at 1525° (829°C) per hour.  Hold at 1525° (829°C) for one hour (total firing time is less than 2 hours).  Please Note:  these are actual internal temperatures, not the temperature readings displayed on the front of the kiln.
Please Note:  FASTfire BRONZclay™ must be embedded in coconut shell-activated carbon inside a firing pan with slotted lid during firing.  Because kilns vary, try a test piece in your kiln according to the enclosed instruction. 
IMPORTANT:  It is not recommended firing loose gemstones directly in FASTfire clay as the stones tend to be damaged during firing.
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