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COPPRclay™ - Copper Metal Clay 30g

COPPRclay™ - Copper Metal Clay 30g

COPPRclay™ Copper Metal Clay like the PMC Silver and Bronze all provide a wide artistic range for your creations.  It can be rolled, pinched, sculptured and designed the way you like.  After firing you get pure copper.  Apply enamel, create your designs,  jewelry, scultures, components or custom crafted tools and objects. 30g pkg.
Composition:  Metal powder (pure copper), water and non toxic binding materials.
Shrinkage:  Approx. 20
Firing Temp.: Ramp at full speed to 1700°F-1800°F (927°C) and hold for 3 hours (total firing time, including ramp-time, will be about 4 hours).  Most firings perform well at 1700°F.  However, if you discover that your pieces are not sintering properly, try firing them at 1800°F. 
Please note:  Blistering may occur at 1800°F; if this occurs, slighting decrease the firing temperature.  If you plan to enamel the piece, please follow the recommended firing schedule listed in the included instructions.
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