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BRONZclay™ - Bronze Metal Clay 100g

BRONZclay™ - Bronze Metal Clay 100g

BRONZclay™ provides incredible artistic range. It is economical - very affordable and because it is bronze, your can use it to sculpture large pieces. It sculptures, can be pinched, rolled, and manipulated the way you like. After firing, you are left with a solid bronze object once the binder is vaporized. It is flexible after dried allowing you to create beautiful jewelry, components and even custom crafted tools and objects just as with PMC metal clay. 100g pkg.
Composition:  Metal powder (11%tin, 89% copper), water and non-toxic binding materials.
Shrinkage:  17-20%
Firing Ramp at 250°/hour to 1550° F (843°C) and hold for 3 hours.
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In Stock
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