Wax On - Wax Off!
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/31/2012 to Students

Wax Carving KitAt Seattle Findings, we get a great deal of customers who are self-taught. Some techniques are not as easily learned on one's own, and some require more or less instruction. Wax carving is one such technique, that once you have mastered the basics, you can potentially create anything you can dream, if you only you have enough time and enough wax!

For those of you, who are beginning to explore casting and wax carving, try out these tips and watch your carving skills improve!
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Creative Stonesetting is a Gem!
Posted by Leah on 7/26/2012 to Creative
I love books, and every now and then a book comes along that steals your heart. Creative Stonesetting is such a book. The author, John Cogswell a master gold and silversmith, is currently a teacher at SUNY New Paltz,NY. He has also taught at many other metals programs and has served as a technical consultant and contributing author for several contemporary jewelry texts including; Metals Technic, Contemporary Silver and The Penland Book of Jewelry. He was also the 2006 inductee into the National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame and was the 2007 Artist of the Year for Touchstone Center for Crafts.
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The 4 C's & CZs
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/24/2012 to Students
Assorted CZsWedding season is in mid-swing. In honor of this festive season of diamonds, we gathered some key concepts  on diamonds & CZs! Diamond grading is based around the 4 C’s, remember these 4 simple characteristics and you will be more informed as a buyer or a seller.
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A Career of Discovery
Posted by Richard Paille on 7/20/2012 to Students
Opal NecklaceThe jewelry business has been my profession for over 40 years. It's been a career full of “new” with adventures, discoveries, interesting friendships & continual learning. I've seen places I'd only read about in books during my school years, met customers who have become life long friends & shared experiences doing what I love with other people who feel the same way...
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Meet the Guest Bloggers!
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/20/2012 to Guest Blog

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Exploring New Media!
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/17/2012 to Students
Found Object PiecesNew Media. Contemporary Media. Mixed Media. What all these and many more terms are trying to describe, is jewelry design that encompasses materials other than metal. As the markets continue to soar, everyone’s pockets seem to get smaller by the day. The state of our economy is making it harder and harder to work in precious metals, so what’s next?
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Put the WOW in your Jewelry Photos
Posted by Leah Alden Jaswal on 7/13/2012 to Hobbyist
Now your jewelry is done, and it looks great! So you take a quick picture, post it and your jewelry will sell itself…..right?
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Marketing: YOU!!
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/11/2012 to Students

Sample Business CardThe number one best way to market your business is to have a memorable business card! You never know when or why you will meet your next client, having clear, memorable business cards on hand will ensure you don’t lose another potential customer.

How do you make a business card memorable? My wallet fills up with cards and brochures, at the end of the week, most of them get dumped in the trash.
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Everybody's Doing It.
Posted by Leah Alden Jaswal on 7/9/2012 to By Leah
socialSocial Media is now part of almost everyone’s life. It now plays a big role in how people interact with each other. Community is everything and people enjoy being part of a business that brands themselves proactively.
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Presenting: You!
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/4/2012 to Students
Brand StampAs summer transitions into full bloom, craft fair season is upon us once more! For those of you attending as a guest or as a vendor, creating and branding your business is key.
From business cards to packaging, we know the tricks to help you succeed!
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An Interview with Tim McCreight (Part I)
Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/2/2012 to Students
Brain Bulb LOL GalleryInspiration often appears when you least expect it. When lacking in ideas, many people turn to review their memories, trying to trigger a spark that may lead to a fuller idea or just something slightly more promising. At Seattle Findings, we began brainstorming different ideas that could jump start our new blog project into a positive, creative direction. After several meetings and multiple discussions, I asked myself what I wanted to read about.
Fundamentals of Jewelry and MetalsmithingWhen I took my first metalsmithing class, my first text book was Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight. When I first flipped through the glossy pages and saw images of soldering, piercing and a multitude of finished pieces, I couldn't help but feel inspired. I was lucky enough to get that first tingling again when I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim McCreight himself. He has been working in metal since 1970 and is very well known for his books and workshops. In his own words, Tim has always been a half glass full (and that's more than enough for me), type of guy.
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Posted by Lani Dearmin on 7/2/2012 to By Lani
If you are trying to sell your work and/or make a name for yourself in the jewelry community, there are many things you can do to increase sales. One important step is to simply get your work – and yourself – seen.  In this post, we’ll look at a few ways to increase your visibility!

•    Wear it! As simple as this sounds, wearing your own jewelry creations is a great way to increase your visibility. Think about how many people you interact with every day...

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