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The Complete Book of Jewelry Making By Carles Codina

The Complete Book of Jewelry Making By Carles Codina

This amazing comprehensive guide to the jeweller's art is a goldmine of information - big, beautiful, and full of hundreds of colour photographs. It's simply the most comprehensive sourcebook available, with its enlightening discussion of basic metallurgy (alloying, smelting, annealing and pickling), and professional-quality techniques for cutting, piercing, soldering and making closures for rings. Learn the tricks of the trade for enhancing surfaces; etching, combining metals, creating textures, adding colour, engraving, enamelling and gem setting. Seven magnificently presented projects include a silver repousse pendant, an articulated gold bracelet with clap, a multi loop-in-loop chain, and a square hollow-construction ring to die for. (Paperback: 160 pages, Lark Books 2006)
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