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Texturing Hammer With 12 Interchangeable Faces

Texturing Hammer With 12 Interchangeable Faces

Texturing hammer with 12 interchangeable texture faces to create a variety of designs and patterns in soft metals.  The base hammer comes with twelve different faces, made with different materials, patterns, and functions.  The faces easily screw into the base. The head and handle core are tool hardened steel, and the handle is nylon coated for comfort and ease. All of the faces are 0.88” (2.2 cm) in diameter. Hammer is 9.5” (24cm) in length and weighs about 14.5 oz. (411 g) with 2 faces screwed in.


Faces include:

  • Flat planishing (Steel)
  • Domed planishing (steel)
  • Flat (nylon)
  • Domed (nylon)
  • Flat (brass)
  • Domed (brass)
  • Thin concentric circles (steel)
  • Medium concentric circles (steel)
  • Dot pattern (steel)
  • Stripe pattern (steel)
  • Cross pattern (steel)
  • Grid pattern (steel)

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In Stock
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