Quick tip: Avoid jagged cutting edge look in a gypsy or flush setting

Posted by Gerry Lewy on 1/16/2014 to Stone Setting
What is one of the causes of a “rippling or jagged” effect around an inside cutting edge in a Gypsy or Flush setting? How can this be avoided?

Almost Forgotten Gemstone Setting Tips for Everyone

Posted by Gerry on 11/7/2013 to Bloggers
Here are some new innovative gemstone setting tips developed from old setting methods: ◾resharpen the high-speed steel setting burr
◾create a diamond receptacle for benches and desktops
◾use the half-round burr for Cabochon bezel frames
◾ remove excess gold beside claws in engagement four-claw settings
◾clean customer’s diamonds with embedded dirt
◾place an oil receptacle permanently on your bench
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