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Spring Bar & Buckle System -- 537 Pc Kit

Spring Bar & Buckle System -- 537 Pc Kit

Our Spring Bar & Buckle System has all the tools and parts you need to change any spring bar or buckle! All spring bars and buckles in this kit are a bright silver tone.
Our 537 pc kit includes:
~1 Double Ended Spring Bar Tool
~1 Spring Bar Measuring Template
~Standard Spring Bars with double shoulders - 25 pieces each of 8-22mm
~Buckle Sets for leather straps - 10 pieces each of : 8,10,14,16,18mm
~Female Lug Spring Bars - 4 pieces each of : 8,10,11, 13mm
~Female Lug Spring Bars - 6 pieces of 16mm, 8 pieces of 18mm, 2 pieces 19mm
~Thin Straight Spring Bars - 40 pieces each of 16,18,19mm
~Thin Curved Spring Bars - 20 pieces each of 16, 18, 19mm
On Backorder
On Backorder
Part Number:52-537

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