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Soldering Made Simple DVD By Joe Silvera

Soldering Made Simple DVD By Joe Silvera

You may enjoy this video as a companion to Joe's 112-page book, Soldering Made Simple: Easy techniques for the kitchen-table jeweler. The key tool that makes Joe s methods safe and easy to do at home is an inexpensive, handheld butane torch. On this 92-minute DVD, see and hear Joe explain everything you ll need to know to get started soldering tools, materials, safety, and setup. Then watch as Joe demonstrates his techniques by creating a soldered pendant and necklace. A longtime teacher, Joe has a friendly presentation style that will get you started soldering with confidence. A bonus PDF included on the DVD recaps tools, materials, and step-by-step instructions for making the project. Soldering techniques taught: Soldering jump rings, Melting sterling silver into a ball, Forging wire, Sweat-soldering, Pick-soldering, Soldering near beads, and Using a third hand. (RUN TIME: 92 MINUTES)
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