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Silver Precious Metal Clay PMC3 - 50g

Silver Precious Metal Clay PMC3 - 50g

PMC3 is the most recent generation of PMC on the market.  It can be fired at very low temperatures making it perfect for stone setting, glass applications or ceramics, and of course jewelry! Now in 50 Gram packs!

PMC3 can be soldered, filed, sanded, oxidized, patinaed, and polished like any other metal. It is the strongest of all the PMC products. It has a finer, smoother composition and is extremily easy to work with and manipulate. We highly recommend this product for rings, bracelets, pendants,earrings, anklets. If you can mold it from clay you can create it!

The firing temperatures range from 1110 degrees F to 1650 degrees F. Firing this product at 1650 for 2 hours yields the strongest metal. However, 1650 for 10 minutes is sufficient for it to fuse. You may fire PMC3 with torch, Hot Pot or kiln. Shrinkage is 8-10%.

Composition: 90% fine silver powder; 10% water and organic binder

Density after firing: 9.3 S.G. (rolled silver = 10.5 S.G.)

All PMC is net weight silver. Also avialable in 16 and 25 gram packs!

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