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Saw Frame Adjustable Oscar Style 6”

Saw Frame Adjustable Oscar Style 6”

This adjustable Jewelers small saw frame can hold standard 5.1” (13.0 cm) jewelers saw blades, or shorter pieces of blades. It can be used with all types of jewelers saw blades including flat and spiral for cutting Jewelry metals and waxes. Blades are secured in the wing nut screw clamps, and a thumb screw is used to adjust the length of the frame. Removing the slide adjustments means less wobble. It has a flat steel frame and a hardwood handle.

The 6” (15.24 cm) depth, from blade to inside frame, is a good size when working with large sheet metal. Overall measurements 12"x7"x1 1/2" ( 30.48x17.78x3.81 cm)

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