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Satellite J-102 Jewelry Kiln Furnace w/Digital Set Point Control

Satellite J-102 Jewelry Kiln Furnace w/Digital Set Point Control

Satellite J-102 digital temperature control Oven (Kiln) firebrick design with visible heating elements. Chamber size 8-1/2" x 9" x 6-1/4". Digital temperature control allows user to set the temperature to a precise setting, the temperature will rise to the desired set setting, until user manually change the setting to higher or lower temperatures. An optional audio alarm is available,  allowing user to hear a sound once set temperature is reached.  Power requirements:  110 volts, 14 Amps, 1680 Watts single phase.
Additional features include a safety feature for the door limit. A limit switch turns off the power to the kiln when kiln door is opened and restores power when closed. A built in fan allows the electrical controls to remain cooler during the operation of the kiln. All Satellite Kilns are UL certified. and comes with a manufacturer warranty.  Made in USA.
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Product has been discontinued
Product has been discontinued
Part Number:22-102

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