Precious Gemstones

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Talented artisans often make fine jewelry to sell at online or brick-and-mortar stores. Specialists create expensive bracelets, earrings and necklaces from rare gemstones including emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Jewelry designers fasten gemstones in attractive settings made of precious metals such as silver, platinum and gold. Many individuals study jewelry making at universities or training schools. Both women and men enjoy wearing jewelry items such as wedding rings. Depending on its style, a jewelry item might be appropriate for everyday wear or special occasions. Anyone interested in being a professional jewelry maker can contact schools about learning this art. 

Affordable Trinkets

Jewelry making with beads, pendants and wires is also a popular hobby for adults and children. Hobbyists tend to make jewelry from materials that are less expensive. Materials used for chains might include copper, steel or leather that is more affordable. Instead of decorating with rare gemstones, crafters use beads made of ceramic, wood or plastic. This type of jewelry is often created by jewelry makers to wear for only one fashion season to match a particular outfit. A nickname for low-cost earrings, bracelets and necklaces is costume jewelry. Large companies often mass-produce costume jewelry to sell cheaply in stores. 

Costume Jewelry

Mass production of costume jewelry began because many people could not afford precious metals and gemstones. Jewelry makers learned how to make simulated stones of various qualities that often looked real. The simulated stones were set in a variety of less expensive metals such as nickel, pewter or brass. Creative jewelry designers also learned new ways to use semiprecious stones in beautiful ways. Due to the lower cost of these items, more people were able to wear jewelry for special events. Today, it is completely normal for individuals to have boxes filled with gorgeous costume jewelry that is perfect to wear each day. 

Famous Designers

Many clothing designers and movie stars are involved in jewelry making businesses. Customers love wearing necklaces, rings and bracelets designed or endorsed by famous people. Celebrities including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Seymour are well-known for costume jewelry designs available at stores. Today, jewelry is available for everyone including children who often enjoy wearing simple plastic items with animal or cartoon character embellishments. Occasionally, jewelry fads occur that cause individuals to desire a particular design. Fashion trends also determine the type of jewelry that companies or individuals make for people to wear. 

Handcrafted Jewelry

Individuals can also create unique jewelry items with supplies from craft or hobby stores. Popular supplies include a wide variety of beads made of colored glass, metal or acrylic. Manufacturers also create numerous shapes and sizes of beads that allow crafters to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Additional crafting supplies to make jewelry items include pendants and charms. Charms and pendants may have letters, designs or crystals to assist in creating handcrafted jewelry. An experienced hobbyist will use stranding materials such as fiber, plastic or metal to create special earrings, bracelets or necklaces that complement clothing. 

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