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Polishing Set - Junior w/Accessories

Polishing Set - Junior w/Accessories

Junior polishing and buffing tool set is designed to meet the needs of the individual artist. Motor speed can be varied for use with various grinding, polishing and buffing wheels. Hood catches polishing debris, keeping area clean. Features: 1/15 HP/5000 RPM motor, electronic variable-speed control. Operates on 120 volt AC.
Attractive hammertone finish, mounted on rubber feet to prevent creeping. Has four hold for mounting. Measures 14"W x 6"D x 7"H.
Includes the following accessories: 2.5" diameter muslin buff for tripoli, 2.5" diameter cotton buff for rouge, tripoli compound, red rouge, two black bristle wheel brushes, two felt cones, one wood mandrel for ring shells, two emery ring shells, two 1/4" tapered spindles for motor.
Shipping weight 8 lbs. This item will be shipped to you directly from the factory, please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.
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In Stock
Part Number:47-100

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