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Phos Copper Solder Paste

Phos Copper Solder Paste

Solder pastes allow for precise application when used in soldering chain, findings, earring posts and other intricate elements. Using solder paste eliminates waste and improves the appearance of your solder joint. The paste comes in a 10cc dispensing syringe containing a blend of micro fine spherical solder powder, flux, and binder. This copper alloy has a light brassy color and works excellently on copper, brass, bronze, and mixed metal projects like silver to brass or stainless steel to copper. Not for use on aluminum, pewter, zinc, or pot metal. This solder is cadmium, indium, and antimony free.

Net weight is 0.5 ozt. (10 dwt or 15.5 g).

Flow Point: 1325°F (718°C)

Melt Point: 1240°F (671°C)

Made in the USA

In Stock
In Stock
Part Number:SOL-825-CP

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