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Micro Motor Flex Shaft Portable K1030 Foredom

Micro Motor Flex Shaft Portable K1030 Foredom

Take it on the go, this pocket size micro motor by Foredom® with adjustable speeds up to 30,000 rpm. It offers users freedom of movement, especially when working at multiple stations or for outdoor craft and jewelry fairs where power is unavailable. Kit Includes:

HP4 310 Control Unit: Compact with a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a run time of approx. 5 hours. It can be used all day with it plugged in. It features a digital RPM display, visible at top making it easy to monitor speed. The dial speeds adjusts from 0-30,000RPM. The control unit Front: Speed Control Dial. Top: Handpiece Connector Port, 2-Digit RPM Display, LED Indicator Lights: Optional On/Off Foot Switch in use,Rotational Direction, Battery Charging and Overload. Side: On/Off Button. Panels: Adapter/Charger Connector Port, Forward/Reverse Button, Optional Foot Switch Connector Port,, On/Off foot Switch Optional Button. Specifications: 2-3/4 Wide, 1-1/4" Deep, 5-1/4" Tall, 9.77 oz. Output: DC 12V/1.2A

H.MH-130 Handpiece Motor: High speed Rotary lightweight handpiece with a brush type motor, fan cooled and vibration free. It has a twist release rotary type 3/32" (2.35mm) collet for easily changing 3/32" shank tools. Use it for polishing, engraving, detailing and even grinding on metal, wood, glass and other materials. It requires no lubrication, the shielded ball bearings require no additional lubrication as it is permanently lubricated. Specifications: 5" Long 1/2" diameter at grip, 7/8" at motor, 6.46 oz/183g. Cord Length 59" DC12V/1.2A, 4.11 in.-oz or 29mNm or 25W max Torque or Watt Output.

HP8-306 Charger/Adapter with cord set. Handpiece Cradle for easy storing when not in use, Spare Motor Brushes and Collet Changing Wrenches. 

K.1030 Kit Carry a Two year Limited Warranty.

Online order only to receive discounted price. Product will be shipped directly from manufacturer.  Allow 3-5 days for your order to be shipped.

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