Quick tip: Avoid jagged cutting edge look in a gypsy or flush setting

Posted by Gerry Lewy on 1/16/2014 to Stone Setting
What is one of the causes of a “rippling or jagged” effect around an inside cutting edge in a Gypsy or Flush setting? How can this be avoided?

Jewelry Pliers: What's the Difference Anyway?

Posted by Leah on 8/7/2013 to Hobbyist
Jewelry pliers come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. Each set of pliers has been designed to accomplish a different job.
Chain Nose, Flat Nose, Round Nose, Bent nose . . . what's the difference anyway?

Nancy Megan Corwin on her passion for chasing and repousse.

Posted by Leah on 6/5/2013 to Students
Nancy Megan Corwin

Nancy Megan Corwin, Megan to her friends, is an artist in the truest sense of the word. She has worked as a bench jeweler with her own line. She has also taught in Arts centers, colleges and universities for over 30 years. She was an adjunct instructor at Cabrillo College and Monterey Peninsula College in California since 1984. Nancy was head of the jewelry and metals program for the University of Oregon from 1989 until 1994. For the past 15 years she has traveled across the United States teaching short courses in an impressive list of schools. Including Penland school of crafts in North Carolina, Haystack Mountain school of crafts in Maine, the Glassell school in Houston Texas, the University of New Mexico at El Paso, Pratt Fine Arts Ctr., Danica design,as well as various other programs all across the United States.

Top 5: Facts of Gold

Posted by Amelia Upton on 9/26/2012 to Students
Gold Jewelry AssortmentAt Seattle Findings we are often asked about the various karats of gold. Here are the answers to our top 5 most frequently asked questions about gold! Get informed or refresh your knowledge of this valuable and enchanting material.
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The Magic of PMC

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/14/2012 to Students
PMC3Are you looking for something more to add to your work and your repertoire of skills? You may want to give Precious Metal Clay (PMC) a whirl! Precious Metal Clay, most often shortened to PMC is a powdered metal that has been mixed with an organic binder to form a clay-like material.
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More than Metal: Interview with Tim McCreight (Part II)

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/1/2012 to Students
Student Edition by TimThis blog is the 2nd Half of our exclusive interview with the famed and talented metalsmith and teacher, Tim McCreight!
In this portion, Tim discusses metal, tools, and advice for students & professionals in the field.
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Exploring New Media!

Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/17/2012 to Students
Found Object PiecesNew Media. Contemporary Media. Mixed Media. What all these and many more terms are trying to describe, is jewelry design that encompasses materials other than metal. As the markets continue to soar, everyone’s pockets seem to get smaller by the day. The state of our economy is making it harder and harder to work in precious metals, so what’s next?
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An Interview with Tim McCreight (Part I)

Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/2/2012 to Students
Brain Bulb LOL GalleryInspiration often appears when you least expect it. When lacking in ideas, many people turn to review their memories, trying to trigger a spark that may lead to a fuller idea or just something slightly more promising. At Seattle Findings, we began brainstorming different ideas that could jump start our new blog project into a positive, creative direction. After several meetings and multiple discussions, I asked myself what I wanted to read about.
Fundamentals of Jewelry and MetalsmithingWhen I took my first metalsmithing class, my first text book was Jewelry: Fundamentals of Metalsmithing by Tim McCreight. When I first flipped through the glossy pages and saw images of soldering, piercing and a multitude of finished pieces, I couldn't help but feel inspired. I was lucky enough to get that first tingling again when I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim McCreight himself. He has been working in metal since 1970 and is very well known for his books and workshops. In his own words, Tim has always been a half glass full (and that's more than enough for me), type of guy.
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The Three E's ~ Easy, Elegant, Texturized Earrings

Posted by Leah Alden Jaswal on 6/15/2012 to Students
Basic Copper EarringsWe all have to start somewhere so why not at the beginning? I made a pair of these earrings for my very first metal project, in only 1 hour. They are easy, elegant and most importantly FUN to make! We are going to go through step-by-step directions for this project together.
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Dreams of Gold

Posted by Amelia Upton on 6/13/2012 to Students
Mary Lee Hu Bracelet
Gold in all of its karats (10K,14K,18K,22K, 24K) is and always has been  a precious material. Even today, gold is a high commodity. Valued  highly all over the world, especially in the world of jewelry. Gold is commonly thought of as being outside of one's budget. Yet many successful artists have found a way to incorporate gold into their jewelry designs while keeping witin a budget. But how do they do it?

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