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Metal Clay Fusion By Gordon K. Uyehara

Metal Clay Fusion By Gordon K. Uyehara

In this book Metal Clay Fusion, Gordon K. Uyehara, an Art Clay Silver Instructor whose work emphasizes small-scale design and wearable Art. The first entry in the new Metal Clay Master Class series features the world's leading artist in this versatile medium, which can be molded like clay, but after firing is pure metal. He offers detailed instructions for 22 original projects using several types of metal clay, including silver, bronze and copper and will inspire jewelry makers everywhere with his working methods, expertise and designs. Gordon K. Uyehara's gallergy of work demonstrates the skill and extraordinary possibilities of the material. It will become your go-to book for everything you need to know in creating beautiful metal jewelry. Techniques that will take you from beginner to advance.
Published March 2012
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