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Jewelry Metal Melting Furnace 60oz - Portable 10lbs

Item Id: 22-060
The QuickMelt Pro 60 top loading kiln is perfect for the metal treating & metal melting in a hot furnace which  heats in just 8 minutes to 2200º.  It is effective in melting metals such as  gold, sterling silver, lead, copper, zinc and more. Available in 10oz, 30oz and 100oz sizes.  Standard Chrome finish. Custom Cerakote ceramic coating colors available for an additional $50.00.

  * Maximum heating temperature: 2200ºF (1204º C)

  * Digital Temperature Control

  * Outside Dimensions: 6"Wx 6"D x 12"H

  * 60 oz Graphite Crucible included

  * Power: 1500W with standard 15 Amp circuit

  * Coiled Type Resistance Wire

  * Weight 10lbs (Portable)
The QuickMelt Pro kilns are designed with a lightweight, but extremely durable Gemcolite Alumina Fiber insert formed using a composition of alumina-silicate for excellent strength, handling and integrity at high temperatures. 
1 year limited Manuf. warranty
Made in U.S.A. 
Please allow 2-4 business days for your order to be shipped.
Price: $399.00
USD Availability: In Stock
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Customer Reviews Average Rating review 60oz version All in all I'm very satisfied with this site and the furnace. Customer service was great and the furnace works perfectly. Came with good documentation also. Have been using steady for almost a month now and have had no issues. Reviewed by: Paul Marshall from Okc. on 3/1/2015 Armorer The 60 oz unit is quite nice. A month into ownership and no problems. Operates as well as it is operated. Reviewed by: Bart from Eastern U.S.A.. on 1/25/2015 pros and cons I tried to write an in depth review, explaining everything, but theres a "500" length review max. fix that. oven is good. crucible is garbage. buy welders gloves. fan is cheap. use outside. no garage. Reviewed by: Cole from Hale, MI. on 6/15/2014