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Jewelry Concepts & Technology By Oppi Untracht

Jewelry Concepts & Technology By Oppi Untracht

This book gives complete instructions on the handling, working, and finishing of all metals. It begins with basic information and the characteristic qualities of each of the metals met by the craftsman, both precious and base. It then describes the various techniques in working metals, as well as methods of metal fabrication such as smithing, annealing, forging, and casting. The methods of metal finishing, as well as explanations of various hand tools and their uses are also included. This book was written and edited in the span of ten years by one of the most reveered metalsmiths, Oppi Untracht. This book, like his others, is currently out of print and copies are limited. This particular book is a must for every jeweler and metalsmith.(Hardcover, 840 pages, Robert Hale Books 1982)
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