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Jewelers Bench Vise Clamp  - 1.25” Jaws

Jewelers Bench Vise Clamp - 1.25” Jaws

This steel bench vise clamps onto your table with a steel screw mechanism, and holds your work with smooth steel jaws. This small vise is great for holding small items steady while you drill holes, engrave, file, or do other intricate work. It is easy to secure to your table, bench, or other work surface, and simple to place and remove items in the vise jaws. The jaws have a capacity of 1.63” (41 mm), and they are 1.25” (32 mm) wide. The table clamp can be secured to a table up to 1.13” (28.5 mm) thick.

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In Stock
Part Number:12-203

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