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JAX Black Jewelry Antique Patina for Silver Gold 2oz
Jax Black Antique Patina for Silver and Gold

JAX Black Jewelry Antique Patina for Silver Gold 2oz

JAX Black Patina for silver and gold produces a permanent, authentic, antique black finish on Silver and Gold. It is trusted and used by jewelers and metalsmiths. JAX metal finishing solutions are easy to use and produce consistent results. This solution is water based, non-flammable, and requires no heat or electricity. It contains no sulfur and reacts within seconds.

Metal must be clean and free of lacquer, oil, grease or wax. To apply, either brush solution on with a bristle brush or dip entire object in solution. The initial coat is critical. Brush the patina onto the metal until a dull film appears. The appearance of the dull film indicates the patina has adhered to and is reacting on the metal. Additional coats may be applied. Allow each coat to thoroughly air dry. 

Jax Chemicals should be used with care by experienced crafts people. Please read and follow directions and cautions. Keep out of the reach of children. 

Jax Chemicals in 2 oz bottles may be shipped without hazardous shipping charges.
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