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Foredom Angle Grinder Kit

Foredom Angle Grinder Kit

Foredom's New Angle Grinder attachment is designed for use with our most popular H.30 Chuck-Style Handpiece. This quality-machined, sturdy, and compact device works with 2" and smaller discs and 2" wheels with 3/8" arbor holes. A versatile product for jewelers used to grind, sand, and polish on various types of materials including metal, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, bondo and more. Optimum Operated Speed: 10,000 to 15,000 RPM Maximum Speed: 18,000 RPM for short intervals 1 to .75 Gear Reduction.  USE IN FORWARD POSITION ONLY.

Angle Grinder comes with the following Accessories:

1.   A-2202 Flap Wheel (installed), 120 grit
2.   A-10033 Sanding Screen, 120 grit
3.   A-10042 Disc Holder Protector Pad
4.   A-4592 Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc, 600 grit
5.   A-4593 Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc, 400 grit
6.   A-4594 Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc, 320 grit
7.   A-5632 Aluminum Oxide PSA Sanding Disc, 60 grit
8.   A-5683 Ceramic Purple PSA Sanding Disc, 80 grit
9.   A-69222 Disc Mandrel
10. A-10041 PSA Velcro Disc (5)
11. A-69211 Drive Pin
12. A-69217 Face Spanner Wrench
13. A-69218 Open-End Wrench
14. A-69219 Hex Wrench, 3mm
15. A-69212L Long Hub, 8mm high, 14mm long mounting screw
One-Year Limited Warranty.
Specifications: Length: 3-1/8" Width: 2-1/2" (at widest) Depth: 2-3/4"

This item is available on line only at a discounted price and will be shipped directly from Manufacturer.  Allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

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