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Disc Cutter - Heart - 5 Punches

Disc Cutter - Heart - 5 Punches

This heart disc cutter comes with 5 hardened steel punches ranging from 12-25mm in width and a square steel disc cutting block. The punches are machined flat and smooth at the cutting end to create perfect heart-shaped blanks every time, and beveled at the other end for use with a heavy mallet or hammer. The cutting block has the millimeter measurements etched into it. The black handle rotates to open and close the gap that your sheet metal slides into for a secure grip. This disc cutter will cut up to 20 gauge metal, and can be used on a rubber mat or block to ease the cutting process.

To use it, remove all punches from the block, and select the size punch you would like. Place your sheet metal in the slot, adjust the lever to fit your metal, and place your punch, sharp side against the metal, in the correct slot. Strike the beveled side of the punch with a heavy mallet until it pierces through the sheet metal. Be careful of your fingers and other items on your work surface.

Punch sizes (mm): 12x10, 15x13, 18x16, 22x19, 25x22,

Punch sizes (inches): 0.47x0.39, 0.59x0.51, 0.71x0.63, 0.87x0.75, 0.98x0.87

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