Almost Forgotten Gemstone Setting Tips for Everyone

Posted by Gerry on 11/7/2013 to Bloggers
Here are some new innovative gemstone setting tips developed from old setting methods: ◾resharpen the high-speed steel setting burr
◾create a diamond receptacle for benches and desktops
◾use the half-round burr for Cabochon bezel frames
◾ remove excess gold beside claws in engagement four-claw settings
◾clean customer’s diamonds with embedded dirt
◾place an oil receptacle permanently on your bench

Spooky Inspirations!

Posted by Amelia Upton on 10/24/2012 to Students
Ghost Earrings
Its that spooky time of year again! With Halloween just around the corner, we at Seattle Findings wanted to give your haunted-side a jolt of inspiration! With these great ideas you can create jewelry, augment costumes and create tasty treats for Halloween!
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Upcycle Your Life

Posted by Amelia Upton on 9/12/2012 to Students
Upcycled Jewelry ImagesFor many, school is starting, which means that Fall is almost upon us! I've always felt that each school year brings new beginnings and new goals to strive for. Starting this Fall, strive to be greener! One of the most enjoyable ways to start this Earth-loving habit is to practice Upcycling!
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Building Facèré

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/31/2012 to Students
September Logo

We were thrilled to interview the talented owner of the acclaimed Facèré Antique & Art Jewelry Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Karen has owned and operated her own business for over 40 years now! In addition, she is an accomplished and published writer of 4 books and a quarterly magazine. Karen is deeply involved in the Society of North American Goldsmiths and well known for her knowledge of antique and modern jewelry. Karen is a delightful person and tactful gallery owner and operator. Learn more about Karen and her beloved Facèré in the following interview.
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Color, Texture & Casting

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/29/2012 to Students
Color, Texture & CastingHave you ever gotten stuck when designing jewelry? Feel like you have hit a rut with your design techniques and or style? Design freeze happens to everyone! At many points in one's life, career, and year, inspiration is going to run dry. One of the best ways to get your inspiration back in full force is to increase your exposure to new ideas, experiences and information. 
One of my favorite ways to jog ideas is to go straight to my bookshelf and pick out the first book that catches my eye. Recently, the book I keep coming back to is Carles Codina's Color, Texture & Casting for Jewelers. Codina's book is not simply a technical guide, but a feast for the eyes and stirring for the mind.
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The Myth and Lore of Seattle Findings Stones - Part I

Posted by Leah Alden Jaswal on 8/24/2012 to Students
Labradorite OrbIn the ancient world, many stone were considered as valuable as gold. The deeper you delve into stones, the more lore you can uncover. You will also find contrasting and even conflicting beliefs. There is really no single definitive power, symbolism, or quality for any type of stone.
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The Magic of PMC

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/14/2012 to Students
PMC3Are you looking for something more to add to your work and your repertoire of skills? You may want to give Precious Metal Clay (PMC) a whirl! Precious Metal Clay, most often shortened to PMC is a powdered metal that has been mixed with an organic binder to form a clay-like material.
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More than Metal: Interview with Tim McCreight (Part II)

Posted by Amelia Upton on 8/1/2012 to Students
Student Edition by TimThis blog is the 2nd Half of our exclusive interview with the famed and talented metalsmith and teacher, Tim McCreight!
In this portion, Tim discusses metal, tools, and advice for students & professionals in the field.
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Wax On - Wax Off!

Posted by Amelia Upton on 7/31/2012 to Students

Wax Carving KitAt Seattle Findings, we get a great deal of customers who are self-taught. Some techniques are not as easily learned on one's own, and some require more or less instruction. Wax carving is one such technique, that once you have mastered the basics, you can potentially create anything you can dream, if you only you have enough time and enough wax!

For those of you, who are beginning to explore casting and wax carving, try out these tips and watch your carving skills improve!
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Creative Stonesetting is a Gem!

Posted by Leah on 7/26/2012 to Creative
I love books, and every now and then a book comes along that steals your heart. Creative Stonesetting is such a book. The author, John Cogswell a master gold and silversmith, is currently a teacher at SUNY New Paltz,NY. He has also taught at many other metals programs and has served as a technical consultant and contributing author for several contemporary jewelry texts including; Metals Technic, Contemporary Silver and The Penland Book of Jewelry. He was also the 2006 inductee into the National Metalsmiths Hall of Fame and was the 2007 Artist of the Year for Touchstone Center for Crafts.
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