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Chasing and Repousse  By Nancy Megan Corwin

Chasing and Repousse By Nancy Megan Corwin

Chasing and repousse' have been used for centuries to embellish metal objects. This long-awaited book provides lucid and practical instruction that will appeal to beginners and advanced craftspeople. Ms. Corwin's years of studio work and professional teaching make her a rich source for information and inspiration. With more than 450 photos and illustrations, including studio process and diverse master works collected from artists around the world, Chasing and Repousse' elegantly fills a need in the literature of metalsmithing. In nine chapters, author Nancy Megan Corwin discusses materials and tools, studio setups, pitch and its uses, technique basics, and beyond. Full color photography illustrates examples of artists' works and step by step techniques, which are also accompanied with drawings and diagrams for clearer understanding. Also, includes appendix of tool making, plus the encylopedia of examples of Japanese chasing tools, how to make them, and what they are called. Very helpful is the photograph of an actual strip of tempered steel which accurately illustrates the important color change of the tool steel for proper tempering when making punches in the studio. (Hardcover, 184 pages, Brynmorgen Press; 1 edition 2009)
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