Posted by Lani Dearmin on 7/2/2012 to By Lani
If you are trying to sell your work and/or make a name for yourself in the jewelry community, there are many things you can do to increase sales. One important step is to simply get your work – and yourself – seen.  In this post, we’ll look at a few ways to increase your visibility!

•    Wear it! As simple as this sounds, wearing your own jewelry creations is a great way to increase your visibility. Think about how many people you interact with every day...

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Caring For Your Tools

Posted by Lani Dearmin on 6/25/2012 to Students
Jewelry Wire CuttersSo you’ve decided to invest in some jewelry making tools. Hooray! A world of creativity is opening to you. But how do you take care of your tools to keep them in good condition for years to come?
  • One easy way to help maintain your tools is to use the right tool for the job. For example, using wire cutters for a thicker gauge of wire than they are rated for can reduce the life of the tool significantly.
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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Posted by Lani Dearmin on 6/18/2012 to Students
It's Inspiration Week here at Seattle Findings! I for one am very interested in hearing about all the places where we can find inspiration for our jewelry designs.
Are you like me, inspired by the natural world? Or do urban or industrial settings spark your imagination? Do you get ideas from pictures in books? What about visiting museums and galleries? Do you follow other artists' new work or study the great masters of the past? Or are you a fashionista with your finger on the pulse of the newest trends in fashion?

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Hi-yo, Silver!

Posted by Lani Dearmin on 6/11/2012 to Students
It’s “Juneuary” in Seattle again! June is off to a cloudy and rainy start. Good thing there are so many creative things to be made indoors. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and I can sure see a lot of clouds out the window. What better time to talk about working with silver?

sterling silver sheetsStudents often ask about the difference between sterling silver and fine silver. Here’s a little about both types and some pros and cons of each as they pertain to jewelry making.
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Organizing Your Workspace

Posted by Lani Dearmin on 5/30/2012 to Students

Keeping all your tools and supplies organized at your bench or workspace can be a challenge. All those drill bits, burs, hammers, saw blades, bits of sheet metal, wire, beads, and stones! I spoke to professional organizer Linda Deppa for some tips on keeping it all under control. Give these ideas a try and see how they work for you!

First, keep the things you use most frequently within arm's reach. If you have to go far to put your tools away, you'll be more likely to skip it and leave them in a pile on your bench! A small tool organizer can keep things together on your bench top without taking up a lot of space. Racks or drawers right next to your bench are great for storing tools nearby.

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Students Welcome!

Posted by Lani Dearmin on 5/23/2012 to Students
The first time I walked into Seattle Findings Jewelry Supplies and Tools, I was a jewelry student in need of a few basic supplies. I remember looking around the store, feeling both curious and overwhelmed by the variety of supplies and tools of mysterious function. As a student, everything was new and exciting. I looked forward to learning how to use all of these tools and materials in my classes, and now I knew exactly where to go when it was time to start building my home studio...  
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