Better Living Through Your Flex Shaft!

Posted by Leah Alden Jaswal on 8/2/2012 to By Leah
Better Living Through Your Flex Shaft!
My Flexshaft changed my life! Well okay, maybe not my “life”, but definitely my bench life! I reach for it more than any other item on my bench.
For those of you not familiar with a Flexshaft, it is a system that consists of a motor ( most often one that hangs ) and has a long drive shaft connected to it, a foot pedal, and a handpiece. The foot pedal runs the motor, like a gas pedal. The motor turns the drive shaft, which is locked into the handpiece on the other end. The handpiece can be used with literally thousands of different attachments. Next to a jewelers bench they are one of the most recognizable items linked to the profession. They are also often one of the most misunderstood tools, many seem to think that it is only for drilling!
Here are just a few things that I use it with so far, but I know that there are many more!
For wood: drilling, cutting
For plastics: drilling, sanding (to shape)
For resins: drilling, sanding, polishing
For wire: twisting, coiling, cutting jump rings, deburring wire ends, sharpening heavy gauge wire ends for pins
For metalwork: drilling, grinding (to shape), sanding, texturing, cleaning, burnishing after pickle, polishing, cutting a seat in a prong setting, tube setting, making beveled holes for flush rivets, creating/modifying tools, enlarging holes in metal beads, and hammering.
For glass/beads: bead reamer
For stone/shells/bone: drilling, polishing, and shaping
For wax: cutting, carving, sanding, polishing
Using a Flexshaft will make your life easier, and get you creating....!


Date 3/18/2018
jose moody valdez
to whom it may concern ,the flex shaft I ordered said it included a 36 inch hanging extention arm that mounts to the work bench it did not come with one ,,,,I need one ....do you sell one

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