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90mm Full Combination Rolling Mill - Pepe Tools

90mm Full Combination Rolling Mill - Pepe Tools

Pepe Tools exclusive state of the art rollers are made from high quality carbon steel alloy that offers excellent wear resistance and the outer 3mm of the rolls are hardened to around 60 HRC for superior deformation resistance..  Machined steel construction used for making sheet metal thinner.  Reduction ratio 4:1.  All mills supplied with complete instructions.  Capable of producting metal foil as thin as .001mm.  These rollers perform beautifully.
Technical information:
- Roller diameter 42.6mm
- Roller width 90mm
- Maximum opening 0-4mm
- Flat area (± 0.01mm) 39mm
- Square wire (± 0.01mm) : 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0
- Ring Shank - half round ellipsis: 2.5 x 1:3 x 1.25 ; 4 x 1.5
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