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500 Bracelets by Lark Books

500 Bracelets by Lark Books

This inspiring collection from extraordinary designs is a diverse collection of fine contemporary bracelets which have been assembled, showcasing hundreds of renowned international jewelers. Materials range from the most precious metals and gems to paper and plastic, and the varied techniques include forging, casting, weaving, and surface embellishments. Among the featured creators; Abrasha who contributes a Royal Pachinko Ball Bracelet, Sharon Portelance, who called her work Wrist Corsage: Ever Present; and Felieke Van Der Leest's amusingly named Hare O'Harix and His 6 Carrots. Whether you are an expert jeweler, a collector, a student, or simply someone who loves beautiful objects, these one-of-kind pieces will astound you.
Published November 2005
Lark Books 408 Pages
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In Stock
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