5 Unique and Simple Men's Jewelry Projects

Posted by Laila on 10/30/2013 to Tools
It seems at times that women have all the fun in the jewelry world. But there are many projects that can be made for the men's jewelry market, as well. While it may not be the standard necklaces and earrings jewelry makers can still create unique projects by creating tie tacks, cuff links, rings, and pins. 

Tie Tack - Plain

One option for tie tacks is to simply purchase a tie tack base, particularly one designed to hold a half-drilled pearl, and then affix the pearl using glue or another method if you know one. While the project takes almost no time to do, it creates a beautiful and elegant piece that can match a variety of tie and suit combinations. 

A simple pearl tie tack has the advantage of fulfilling a purpose without being loud or gaudy. Pearls are timeless - and not just for women - so a pearl tie tack is something that a man can use for years. 

Tie Tack and Chain

Another option for tie tacks is to create one that also has a chain component. Usually you can purchase tack and chain components and then add either a pearl, gemstone, or emblem as you see fit. Creating this type of tie tack opens the door to many gift options and also allows you to create custom men's jewelry commercially, as well. 

Cuff Links

Cuff links offer a wide range of possibilities as there are as many preferences regarding cuff links as there are men who wear them. They are a smart addition to any jewelry line not only because of their popularity but because given the right findings they are relatively simple to make. You can use pearls, gemstones, cameo cabochons, and other materials as the centerpiece of your cuff link designs. Simply choose the cuff link finding that is right for your project, select the corresponding stone or emblem, and affix or set. It's that simple. 


Although careful attention must be paid to the style of the ring, creating men's rings can be done and often with very beautiful results. Men tend to wear larger rings than women and often opt for more geometric designs such as rectangles. Emerald cut gemstones and settings are always a great option when creating men's rings. 

You can either select your gemstones and settings at the outset and create a line of men's rings or you can choose to make one or two and offer custom ring creation. Either will do and is likely to be a popular item as handmade men's jewelry, while increasing in popularity among artisans, is still difficult to find for the consumer. 


While brooches have been a staple of women's fashion for years and have since made a comeback, it is also popular for men to wear pins, usually on a suit jacket. This tradition is more prevalent among more established men but is still a highly sought after item that is becoming harder and harder to find. Simply select your finding of choice, usually a pin or brooch backing, choose your stone or emblem, and set or affix for a beautiful accessory.

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